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The new campaign to shut down Icelandic commercial fin whaling by Hvalur hf.

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The second largest mammal on the planet, the massive fin whale is hunted exclusively in the North Atlantic by Hvalur hf under the direction of CEO Kristján Loftsson. Despite the efforts of Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK to expose the truth of Hvalur’s whaling and its impacts, hunting may still continue into 2024 and beyond

The most recent updates on the campaign.

Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK is the ONLY organisation to document every single harpooned whale landed in Iceland. This is VITAL to ensure that each breach of the regulations is fully evidenced and reported to the Icelandic authorities. But running this campaign is expensive so please consider supporting our work with a regular monthly donation



YOU can HELP US save these whales

from Loftsson’s deadly harpoons


“I’m not worried. I know the people [of Iceland] and the politics better than many. It will be no problem. I am confident that we will be whaling next year.”

Kristján Loftsson, in an interview with The Guardian, October 2023

Our operations in 2018,  2022 and 2023 uncovered hygiene, safety and environmental breaches as well as exposing the barbaric reality of dead pregnant females, poorly shot animals and the suffering caused by the use of up to four harpoons. 

This has seen Icelandic authorities increase the level of operational oversight, the introduction of stricter whaling regulations and a drastically shortened season in 2023, with just 24 whales killed, compared to 148 in 2022

we’ll be back in 2024

As the saying goes… go BIG or go home

And IF Loftsson’s ships do set off to sea
we will not be goi
ng home!! 

Once again we will be teaming up with Sjávarhirðir (previously known as Sea Shepherd Iceland) and we’ll also be partnering with Captain Paul Watson Foundation International to launch our most ambitious campaign yet, gathering vital evidence on breaches of whaling legislation and other regulations that could shut whaling down. 

Hvalur won’t be alone on the ocean waves - we’ll also be setting to sea with an experienced crew on board our own vessel.
If Hvalur 8 or Hvalur 9 set their sights on a fin whale,
we will set our sights on them.

Will Hvalur’s ships continue to hunt whales whilst the world is watching on?  Will the vessels run for distant whaling grounds, reducing the number of whales that can be killed during the season?  Will Kristján Loftsson cling to whaling to the bitter end? Or will he finally accept it’s time to #breaktheharpoons?

Want to help?

There’s no escaping the fact that large campaigns such as our operations in Iceland are costly to run. We think the cost is worth it to bring whaling to an end but we rely upon your generosity and kindness to continue the fight. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference to our work and there’s also lots of other ways you can contribute!


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♦    Share the campaign on social media – whether it’s breaking news, a call to action or our livestreams
♦    Use our campaign hashtags and help spread the word further
♦    Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates to your inbox

♦    Email a polite letter to the Icelandic prime minister and explain why you’d like to see whaling stopped.
♦    If you visit Iceland, refuse to visit restaurants selling minke whale meat
♦    Support our crew and campaigns by donating to Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK  or treat yourself or your love ones to merchandise. Every donation and every purchase supports our efforts to end the hunting of dolphins and whales
♦    Consider joining us as a volunteer both at home and on campaign

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