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You may have known Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK under our former name Sea Shepherd UK - but we are no longer associated with this name, or affiliated with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (AKA Sea Shepherd US) or Stichting Sea Shepherd (AKA Sea Shepherd Global).

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So why has Sea Shepherd UK rebranded as the Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK?

To maintain our independence in the UK to deliver our vital campaigns whilst aligning us with the Captain Paul Watson Foundation (international).

The name change enable us to work with any like-minded NGOs including independent Sea Shepherd entities in France, Brazil, Hungary and elsewhere which are free from the influence of those groups which have chosen a future path of campaigns only in partnership with governments.

- Our campaigns will be solely for the benefit of marine animals who are our clients.

- Our investigations will be followed by action, whether that be physical or legal intervention.

- We will never be subject to restrictive agreements with governments.

- Our media and opinions will never be censored.

- Our crew will go where they are needed, even if they are unwelcome.

In the UK, our main campaign focus will be to achieve our founder's original vision of ending all whale, dolphin and seal hunts. But we will defend any at-risk marine wildlife in UK waters and out into the North Sea, Irish Sea, North Atlantic, down across the channel and beyond.

"the SEA SHEPHERD MOVEMENT CHANGED IT'S DIRECTION AND CAMPAIGNS, THEREFORE Sea Shepherd UK has had to rename itself. The new organisation is the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, to me they are the real Sea Shepherds."

Dale Vince, Honorary Patron


Embracing a new identity allows us to shatter the old corporate mold and set sail towards who we truly want to be: pirates 🏴‍☠️ 
Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we will take this opportunity to emerge stronger than ever before.  There's still so much to accomplish, but with your support, we're certain that we'll chart a course to create change in our ocean and explore uncharted potential.

By fully embracing the name change, we wholeheartedly support Paul Watson, avoiding unnecessary discord and allowing us to stand firmly behind the captain.

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