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An average of over 1,100 dolphins slaughtered each year.

Our Faroe Islands Campaign

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Marine Debris Campaign (2010-2023) 


Removing harmful debris from the UK's coastline and rivers with our Marine Debris Campaign using volunteer lead beach cleans which both the public can attend, and companies can send their employees to participate. CPWF-UK provides education resources, talks and beach cleaning equipment to schools on request. Our volunteers also conduct river cleans and underwater cleans with our Dive team in harbours, marinas or off beaches around the UK while our new landing craft 'Selkie' is dedicated to patrols and clean-up operations around remote and otherwise inaccessible bays and beaches around Scotland



There are 86 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans

In 30 years, if we carry on this way, the weight of plastic in the oceans will be greater than the weight of fish.


The Issue:

For years the oceans have been regarded as a dumping ground. According to estimates there are 86 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans, more than 5 trillion pieces and most of them less than 5mm in size.

We’re adding 8 million tonnes to this every year and in some parts of the ocean,  plastic particles outnumber plankton by 26 to 1.

In 30 years, if we carry on this way, the weight of plastic in the oceans will be greater than the weight of fish.

Often the only time we come face to face with this marine debris is when we are walking along the beach, but what we don’t see is the damage that litter and discarded fishing gear do to wildlife. On Sea Shepherd campaigns all around the globe, we are seeing the effects of these plastics on sea birds, turtles, whales, dolphins and fish.


What is the coastal debris campaign?


We are part of a global effort by the Captain Paul Watson Foundation movement around the world to bring volunteers and members of the general public together to undertake beach cleans in their local area.

Beach cleans are an excellent opportunity for people to witness first hand the effects their everyday choices as consumers have on our most valuable natural resource, the oceans.

We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to join us for a few hours where we will clean an area of local beach, examine the findings and chat about how we can encourage others to reduce their impact on our beaches.

We will then ensure that the collected rubbish is disposed of responsibly in cooperation often with local councils or recycled where possible.

After a brief safety briefing, one of Neptune's Pirates volunteers will hand out litter picking equipment and those attending will normally move up the beach as a team, collecting everything they find that doesn’t belong there.

Our beach cleans are also a great social gathering, giving like-minded people an opportunity to meet others in their area.


Often non CPWF UK volunteers have then gone on to undertake their own beach cleans or even better, have become CPWF UK  volunteers and managed cleans under our banner.


If you would like to know more about our beach cleans or would like to suggest a local beach that would benefit from our help, please email your nearest 

Regional Coordinator 

To find out when we’ll be cleaning in your area, you can visit our 

CPWF UK Facebook event.

Every week we announce new beach cleans and we would love to see you and your family join us on our campaign.


You can even purchase Marine Debris Team T-shirts and Hoodies in the 

UK webstore 

to help support the campaign with equipment…

And to look the part when

joining us at a beach clean.



If you spot ghost fishing gear around the coast of the UK, please let us know right away! Visit our Ghost Fishing Gear Report page.

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