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Our goal is to unite selected passionate artists who are poised to spark change through their bold creativity. Musicians, artists, and visionary minds... Rise the narratives, champion the mission.



Sam Carter  - Architects front man joined Captain Paul Watson UK as our first ever Ambassador - a role which Sam takes on with huge enthusiasm during Architects tours around the UK and beyond where Neptune's Pirates are invited to every venue and where Sam gives us amazing support. Every Architects fan is left in no doubt that Sam supports Captain Paul Watson as a result!

“I first became aware of Sea shepherd after watching the incredible documentary "Sharkwater" In which Captain Paul Watson features in a campaign to catch illegal Shark Finning poachers! I loved his hands-on approach and did research into it as soon as I found out that Paul was the founder of the organisation. 

It is Neptune’s Pirates interventionist approach which made me fall in love with the organisation.''

Neptune's Pirates

Ken Bonsall, the frontman (vocalist and acoustic guitar player) of English folk punk band 'Ferocious Dog' as Neptune's pirates newest Ambassador to the world of Music!


Ken is a former coal miner turned campaigner for veterans, the homeless and passionate speaker on the environment and is against hunting of animals.


Ken and all the band members of Ferocious Dog have allowed Neptune's pirates to attend with an outreach stand every one of their UK gigs for several years now and is much loved by our UK volunteers -  not only for his music, but for Ken's passion for so many worthy causes close to our hearts as activists, and his amazing friendship and kindness to everyone he meets.


Neptune's Pirates

Visual artist


Meet Leah Wood, a mixed media artist with a long-standing dedication to the protection and preservation of our natural world. Her artwork is inspired not only by her own passion for nature but the work of environmentally conscious foundations such as Captain Paul Watson Foundation and Cool Earth. Each of her paintings beautifully depicts the vulnerability of endangered species in the face of the climate crisis and accurately portrays the urgent action needed to save their future.


We are delighted to have Leah on board as an Ambassador for the Captain Paul Watson Foundation and are immensely grateful for the awareness and funds she is raising for ocean conservation.


Learn more about Leah here:


Leo’s Animal Planet_edited.png
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-18 at 20.36.59_bdd2449d.jpg


As our youngest ever ambassador, don't let his age fool you! Leo has created his own T-shirt collection to support us—check it out 

really cool!  

"My name is Leo and 2 years ago, during lockdown, I created my YouTube channel, Leo’s Animal Planet to raise awareness of endangered animals and the problems they face. I also raise money for animals on my YouTube channel. I donate all the money I earn to charities I support, including the Paul Watson Foundation UK. Becoming a young ambassador for the Paul Watson Foundation UK has been a dream come true. Every single marine creature is in great danger because of overfishing, pollution or cruel practices that should belong in the past. Protecting these beautiful creatures is so important for our planet and our future."


Esther O'Callaghan is the founder and CEO of, a Web3 education start-up that aims to end global youth unemployment123. She is an accomplished, international speaker, and passionate advocate of the future of learning and work1. Esther is also a DJ, producer, endurance athlete, and British triathlon coach23.

"I grew up by the sea and have a deep affinity with water.


When I watch the devastation wrought on our oceans - an ecosystem that we rely on more than we realise and the wanton and cruel destruction of marine life in places like the Faroe Islands, for tradition or sport - sometimes, direct action is necessary and that is what Neptune's Pirates do alongside advocacy and education.


I am proud to be an Ambassador, to use my skills and network to amplify their work. For the Oceans."

Sally Minty-Gravett is  CPWF UK's Guinness World Record holding Ambassador based on the beautiful island of Jersey. 


Sally is one of Jersey’s best known swimming coaches, seven-time cross-Channel swimmer and multiple record holder - the sea really is in her heart and soul!


Sally became an Ambassador for CPWF UK and in particular our Jersey chapter to celebrate World Oceans Day 2019. 


Message from Sally: 


“I was taught to swim in the sea in Jersey from the age of 3 - way back in 1960. There were no indoor pools over here until 1969 so all people swimming up until then all swam in the sea...and as far as I know, still swim in our beautiful clean Jersey ocean on a regular basis."

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